A seminar on the implementation of ‘United Nations sustainable development targets’ held in Noakhali

Staff Reporter : A seminar was held on 26th September at “Textile Engineering College, Noakhali”, for the first time in about 250 young people in Noakhali for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and enhance youth capability of South Asian countries. The seminar was organized by VSAYL and collaborated with Bloodman, the LIVE Foundation.

The “Vision 2020” project will also be done not only for the ‘United Nations sustainable development targets’ but also making Skilled youth. In the seminar as the absence of chief guest Principal Engineer Mr. Fazlul Huq, Mr. Engineer Khan Mohammed Faisal announced the best opening .

Besides, the same Institute engineer Solaiman Bari was also present there. The special guest of the ceremony was country director ‘Jimmy Majumder’ and project manager ‘Khurshid Alam’.The founder of the Live Foundation, Fahim Hasan Nihan, was also the chief speaker.

Jimmy Majumder, country director of “Vision 2020”, said, “We will create 50000 skilled young people by 2020, who will train 750 million people in the year 2025 and contribute to the development of our nation .” SDGs were discussed in that program. In this context, Khurshid Alam said, ‘The main goal of “Vision 2020” is implementing SDGs and which will help the country to be developed’.

“Vision 2020” project is started working with morethan 2,000 dreaming young on the journey, to make Bangladesh great and models to the world. “Vision 2020” will work with young people across the country to implement various projects of USAID. In this regard, USAID’s A-Card’s Father Bidyuth K. Mahalder assured that they want to work with young people with many more projects like agricultural extension system, including A card for the development of agricultural of Bangladesh. Because he believes that youths are the most important asset of a country.

With “Vision 2020” project, various Youth Associations of Bangladesh and various organizations are connected. Team Noakhali Leader Ashfaqur Rahman Noman said, “The Vision 2020” seeks help and cooperation of various international organizations and government, non-governmental organizations, including the United Nations, to meet the dreams of 750 million young peoples.