Replicate best practices on CSR for good corporate governance—Dr. Atiur Rahman

News Desk : Professor Dr. Atiur Rahman chaired a session on ‘Corporate Governance’ at Jamia Hamdard University in Delhi recently. While concluding the session Dr. Rahman emphasized that corporate governance has to be ethical, transparent and humane to live up to the expectations of all stakeholders. In order to ensure good corporate governance the board of a company must help develop a sound risk management culture in the company’s everyday activities. It should engage a reputable audit firm in addition to constitute the risk management committee of the board with at least one trustworthy independent member of the board. This committee must remain focused on internal control and compliance so that no fraudulent activity can be rooted in the system.

Moreover, he urged South Asian countries should learn from the best practices on CSR being pursued in each country to improve the policy regime on it.